The “3 C’s” of Gensource

Customers seek additional potash sources to reduce dependency on the small group of suppliers

Gensource has a vision of a potash industry that is more open and behaves like a typical commodity market; it believes that by accomplishing this, demand for the product will grow, resulting in an improved situation for both producers and customers. To that end, Gensource intends to become a new producer in the potash industry and to do so in a different manner – by:  beingCheaper(as compared to current CAPEX and OPEX metrics), being Cleaner (environmentally),  and by providingChoice(providing a new and independent source of supply for customers).


  • Lower capital costs – financeable
  • Low operating Costs – the lowest cost of production outside of Russia


  • Environmentally head and shoulders above existing potash operations
  • Easier to permit.

Source: Google Earth, Modified by Gensource


  • Provides a choice to consumers, from a new, independent producer
  • Direct-to-consumer (or as close as possible) sales result in significant savings by by-passing the “middle-man” distribution channel

The key enablers to achieve Gensource’s 3 C’s are its: unique business model, technical mining innovation, and experience of its senior leadership team.