We extract potash with low environmental impact and are continually committed to reducing the environmental impact of our operations.

Our selective extraction methods injects a hold salt (NaCI) brine into horizontal caverns in the order body, which selectively dissolves KCI leaving salt in place. The KCI-rich brine is then processed (KCI ‘drops out’ through cooling crystallization) and the NaCI brine is reheated and re-circulated back to the cavern to repeat the process. This clean approach has less impact on air, water and land.

We have also implemented a vertical integration model with the market that helps ensure that all production capacity is pre-sold, supporting a significantly de-risked and more environmentally friendly business model.

Potential For Net-Zero

Power is self generated at site using natural gas, not grid coal. A Gensource module will avoid up to 24,500 tonnes/year of CO2 emissions, and significantly lower air pollution. Longer-term, using renewable energy could deliver net-zero potash production.


A Gensource module will use up to 75% less water per tonne of potash produced than conventional solution mining methods and the ability to use a brackish water source reduces freshwater usage even further.


With no salt tailings, no brine ponds and modular facility, a Gensource module uses a lot less land than conventional production. Paired with investment in nature-based solutions and offsets, there’s a potential for net-positive production.

Carbon Smart Technologies

Investigate technologies to sequester carbon in agriculture inputs can make a contribution to reducing climate change impacts right now.


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