Why Potash?

What is Fertilizer?

  • Plants require 16 different nutrients for healthy growth classified as Macronutrients (Primary & Secondary) or Micronutrients
  • The three primary macronutrients are nitrogen (N), phosphorous (P), and potassium (K) consumed in the greatest quantities, these nutrients are each responsible for different aspects of plant health.

Potash and Fertilizer Fundamentals

  • World population increasing
  • Decreasing arable land per capita
  • Improving diets
  • Increasing standards of living
  • More Protein

Why Potash?

Potash Application Yields Positive Net Returns

  • Potassium (K), otherwise known as Potash” (KCl), improves plant durability & resistance to drought, disease, weeds, parasites & cold weather
  • Potash is an essential, irreplaceable nutrient needed for plant development
  • While potash has 3 main uses, 95% of the world’s potash is used in fertilizer
  • Experimental studies have consistently shown the economic benefits of a balanced potash application program.

The actual impact of lower potash application may not be immediately apparent – could take 1-3 year to see the full impact.