We believe that vertical integration with the end-user, the agricultural producer, promotes optimal efficiency and value for all stakeholders.

In order to facilitate a greater quantity of affordable potash arriving on the farms where it’s needed, we’re working with creative, forward-looking and proactive agriculture decision makers. Doing so allows them to secure future crop inputs they know they will need.

Gensource’s intent is to have several small-scale projects in place, each owned and operated under an independent joint venture (JV), each supplying product directly to its intended market. This creates sustainable production patterns and a transparent supply chain, which many customers are looking for.

Interested in partnering with Gensource?

Meet HELM AG, our partner in the Tugaske Project.

Working directly and transparently with our partner, HELM AG, from the start of the Tugaske project ensures short payback, high IRR and a long, healthy project lifecycle. Helm Fertilizers will purchase 100% of the production from the Tugaske potash project and market directly to its customers using its own infrastructure.

The 3C’s of Gensource: cheaper, cleaner, choice.

We have a vision of a more open potash industry that behaves like a typical commodity market; and we believe that by accomplishing this, demand for the product will grow, resulting in an improved situation for both producers and customers. To that end, we intend to produce potash in a different manner.



We will be the lowest cost producer as compared to current CAPEX and OPEX metrics.



We use innovative, sustainable production methods with little environmental impact.



We use innovative, sustainable production methods with little environmental impact.


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