Creative Partners

Gensource’s intent is to have several of its small-scale projects in place, each owned and operated under an independent joint venture, each supplying product directly to its intended market.

A joint venture will bring together a highly experienced and capable team consisting of Gensource as the project developer and the JV partner as the connection to the potash customer (off-taker) as well as the group capable of assembling the required financing the three key components for moving a project to production.

Creative Partnerships (smart partnering relationships) – grounded in value-creation potential. Creative partnership benefits the corporate partner and society.

  • Do we have a clear understanding of the entire array of benefits and the associated business case, on which we can focus, assess, and manage the potential CSR activity?
  • Does the activity focus on fundamental value creation opportunities where we can really partner with society to realize simultaneous benefits?
  • Are the opportunities significant, scalable, and supportive of our overall strategic priorities?

Gensource Potash

Strategic Challenges:

  • Ensure sustainable and consistent supplies of potash material directly to partner.
  • Enhance corporate reputation by in food security.

What We Can Offer:

  • Direct-ship supply of standard grade potash product (min. 60.5% K2O, colour: white/clear) from mine site.
  • Environmentally sustainable potash product.
  • Long-term perspective to allow time to realize mutual benefits.
  • Potash production knowledge and experience to help improve quality of.
  • Control of supply chain.
  • Transparent and flexible pricing mechanisms.


  • 21st Century potash extraction methods (Selective Dissolution and Enhanced Recovery).
  • Modular and scalable approach to fit partnership needs.

Ideal Partner

Strategic Challenges:

  • Ensure integrated and economic access to supplies of potash with few to no intermediaries.
  • Enhance partner’s value-added production chain thereby generating competitive profits.

What Ideal Partner Can Offer:

  • Direct path from farmer to potash producer.
  • Stewards of land and water preservation for generations of food production.


  • This is where our partners come in. We collaborate with them, and determine the best “how” to fit their business, and align with ours