Company Overview

Gensource Potash Corporation is here to shine a light on the new way for the potash industry. We are an innovative, publicly traded company with a vision of what the global potash industry could be, a mission that defines how to become part of it, and, critically, the experienced team to make it happen.

With all the activity in the potash sector in Saskatchewan and around the world in the last 10 years, three things have become clear to the team at Gensource:

  1. That despite all the potash production capacity existing in the world today (a production capacity that exceeds the quantity purchased annually) and all the capacity currently being constructed, there continues to exist, at the farm level, a significant demand for an economic supply of potash fertilizers.
  2. That the current potash production methods (conventional underground mining and conventional solution mining) were developed in the early to mid 1900’s and no longer represent the most capital efficient and environmental efficient way to produce potash.
  3. That the current potash product distribution methods employed by the major producers can be improved upon, to the benefit of the end-user, the agricultural producer.

Our call to action:  View Gensource’s “3 C’s”

Corporate Philosophy

Gensource has developed Vision and Mission statements that guide its business plan and the Business Plan is one of vertical integration.

Potash fertilizer production and supply is a business, to be sure, but it must be understood in terms  of what it is: a critical input to agriculture. Elsewhere on this site, you can read about our view of agriculture and its importance in a world where the population is expected to reach 9 Billion people by 2050 and a large proportion of those individuals live in economies that are moving towards richer and more diverse diets. The summary is that agriculture, in all its forms, is now and will become even more critical to the people of the world no matter their geographical location.

On this basis, and in order to facilitate a greater quantity of affordable and accessible potash arriving where it needs to be – on the farm – Gensource is working to create vertically integrated mine-to-farm structures whereby end-users, who are forward-looking and proactive in securing the future crop inputs that they know they will need, become partners with Gensource in creating a source of supply that matches their needs. This new model contrasts starkly with the old/existing model.

This is where Gensource excels. With its Selective Solution Mining technologies – and most importantly, the team to actually implement these technologies -Gensource has not only the vision, but the tools to accomplish the mission.Key to the success of the New Model is the ability to create small capital efficient, yet economical potash production facilities.

We invite you to join us in the next stage of potash development in Saskatchewan. This next stage will be as exciting as any before and one that we hope will raise, even further, Saskatchewan’s pre-eminence in the global potash industry.


Achieve food security by supplying the world with a key macronutrient at an affordable cost within an open, transparent and sustainable environment.


Create a series of independent, scalable and environmentally sustainable Potash production facilities in Saskatchewan and other jurisdictions in the world.


The core priorities for Gensource are integrity, openness and forthrightness, innovation and social responsibility.